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DEA’s Four Main Course Categories

We offer a range of courses including ESL and tutoring to Business English. It is our goal to enable students to gain an understanding of higher education, business, culture and immigration regulations. We aim to help students explore and discover their skills in an environment that is welcoming and challenging. We offer in-house tutoring sessions on the North Shore!

  • DEA has an English and French course for all ages, levels and needs
  • DEA offers personalized study packages to help you accomplish your goals
  • We offer General English, Business English and Test Preparation courses such as: CELPIP, IELTS, LPI and TOEFL
  • DEA offers Cambridge FCE and CAE courses to help students improve their English and communicate with more confidence


Perfect For All Ages
No matter the level of your English, your language will be fantastic.
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Test Prep

Make Sure You Pass
DEA is committed to helping you meet your goals.
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Is A Beautiful Language
Canada recognizes English and French as official first languages.
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Business English

Be Your Own Boss!
Small/Micro businesses are the backbone of Canada’s economy.
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Online Courses

All of our courses are offered online through SKYPE. In addition, we offer in-house tutoring! Please contact us via email or phone to discuss this opportunity.

Placement Test


Academy’s Other Services

We offer an array of academic courses ranging from ESL and tutoring, French, Farsi, Spanish, Chinese and Math to Business English. We employ dynamic certified teachers that will help students explore and discover their unique skills to get them on the right path for learning.

Why Choose Us

  • DEA is committed to providing students with instructors who deliver transformative learning experiences
  • Our primary goal is to deliver relevant curriculums that will enhance students’ critical thinking skills for their personal and professional growth
  • We ensure that students gain a foundation in language structure and become comfortable and confident in communicating with others in English
  • DEA provides students with a welcoming environment that is student-centered, accommodating and self-expressive
  • We understand the importants of having students ‘actively’ use information. Our lesson plans are designed to assist students to engage in discussions while validating their contributions

What Student’s Say

I want to thank Yalda AV and Discover English Academy so much. My 8year old twins after 4 months have improved greatly in their English. They can easily communicate with their friends and they have better performance in their classes. I also took classes to improve my English and after only two months I have more confidence in speaking and communicating.
Banafshe, Company
Just after six sessions my friends and Co-Workers realized that my English improved!!! Thank You Yalda, Thank You.
Hojjat Fadaee, FB
Thank you, Yalda. You have inspired me to study much harder~~I could see your patience during the class and I believe you’re a warm-hearted teacher. I really enjoyed your class~☆.☆ Now I think that I should have studied harder~~T.T Anyway I’m happy to get the diploma~!!
Becky Kim, TESOL student