Schools Out! (For Summer)

We are at the North Vancouver Public Library exploring, thumbing through books and reading. Reading comprehension is essential as at times we can read but not absorb the context of the material. Switching things up is key when focusing on the fundamentals of reading. Make it fun! Take turns reading and summarize content afterwards for maximized results. Abtin and Radin are fine readers and are very amused with this outing. Keep your kids reading and writing skills alive this summer. DEA offers year-round classes!

English is Fun!

Grade 1-3 Spelling is fun! At DEA we believe there is a direct link between spelling in the context of writing, we circle words that they are very close to spelling correctly. The students work on these misspelled words in the context of sentences. We like to keep spelling lessons fun. One of our favorite games to play after the kids have worked so hard is “What rhymes with….” And they spell it out on the whiteboard. Kids love the whiteboard because they want to lead/play. Let them, and do this before reading comprehension begins for the best result.