Unique educational services

DEA provides unique educational services and is devoted to the life-long learning and growth of the child.

What sets DEA education apart is that we provide holistic educational services to students aged from 5years old to undergraduates to help them have a balanced development, release their potential and be admitted by their desired top schools and universities. We also provide in-depth training in leadership skills, social skills, interests, EQ and critical thinking to fully equip your child for future success in the 21st century and free you from any worries about your child’s education and growth.

DEA team’s climb for a cause!

All members of the TEAL Charitable Foundation (TCF) have at least one character trait in common: determination. Each member is determined to develop sustainable financial awards that will enable refugees to pursue their educational goals. Currently there are two awards: The TCF Refugee Award and the new Taiga Galli Memorial Refugee Award. These funds are critical to these young men and women who otherwise have nothing and nobody to fall back on. They came to Canada with few possessions and theirs is an ongoing struggle just to get by. Education should not be impossible for them to access, and yet, without these awards, there is no way they would be able to afford to get a post-secondary education. A major fundraiser for the TCF Awards is the “Climb for the Cause.” BC TEAL members raise funds from sponsors by climbing Grouse Mountain.

The 2016 TCF Climb for the Cause – Grouse Grind will take place on Sunday, May 29th at 10am. The Climb for the Cause is the major fundraiser for the new TCF Taiga Galli Memorial refugee Award which provides an annual award of approximately $3000 for a refugee wishing to study at a post-secondary educational institution in British Columbia. Join Discover English Academy team for the next climb!