Why work with us?

Here at DEA we pride ourselves in fostering a collaborative and supportive community where talented staff engages and connect to bring to life our vision and mission.

Our Teaching Philosophy

DEA promises to provide students with exceptional and transformative learning experiences. Our main objectives are: to cultivate creative approaches to problem-solving and to help students develop fundamental speaking, reading, writing and listening skills that will be necessary for their careers and personal growth. We address the spectrum of students’ learning styles by using a wide variety of language teaching methods and techniques that encourage students to participate in analyzing material collectively. We are committed to mentoring students, learning from them and interacting with them in a positive manner.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the most reputable brand in language education in Canada. We continue to examine various approaches to educational innovation and will incorporate best practices into the classroom.

DEA is looking for professional certified ESL, Spanish, Chinese and Math teachers. Please send your Cover Letter and CV/Resume to info@discoverenglish.ca