About Us

About us

Welcome To The Academy

DEA goal is to provide students with a welcoming environment that is student-centered and flexible to accommodate each student’s interests and needs. We believe learning through role-plays, field trips and group learning activities help students integrate and advance more quickly. DEA creates an atmosphere that encourages all students equally in self-expression. We build students vocabulary for formal and informal situations by increasing communicative skills through appropriate question and answer techniques and presentations by eliciting students to self-correct.

Social Programs

At DEA Education Center, we understand that it’s not all about being in the classroom – we need to have fun too! Every week you will have the opportunity to socialize with other students and visit different sightseeing attractions in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who is DEA

Our mission is to become the most reputable brand in language education in Canada. We continue to examine various approaches to educational innovation and will incorporate best practices into the classroom.
DEA promises to provide students with exceptional and transformative learning experiences. Our main objectives are: to cultivate creative approaches to problem solving and to help students develop fundamental speaking, reading, writing and listening skills that will be necessary for their careers and personal growth. We understand the importants of having students ‘actively’ use information. Our lesson plans are designed to assist students to engage in discussions while validating their contributions. We address the spectrum of students’ learning styles by using a wide variety of language teaching methods and techniques that encourage students to participate in analyzing material collectively. We are committed to mentoring students, learning from them and interacting with them in a positive manner.
DEA promises to provide students with Communicative Language Learning opportunities to enhance their learning experience in order to advance quickly. Students will be assessed according to the Canadian Benchmark of English Standards.
At DEA, we are committed to helping students improve their language of study by providing them with an environment that is positive and challenging. We will continue to elicit students’ interests and skills in an organized and inspiring way in order to maximize their full potential.

Why Choose Us

DEA is committed to providing students with academic instructors who deliver innovative learning experiences. We believe that the power of language education has the potential to provide students with the tools needed to succeed. Our primary goal is to deliver curriculums that will enhance students’ personal and professional goals and opportunities.

Why Students Love DEA

  • They receive constant friendly academic support throughout their studies
  • They recognize DEA’s respect for different cultures and customs and enjoy the school’s diverse environment

Get in Touch with Us!

DEA Instructors:

  • All TESOL trained
  • Have varied University Degrees
  • Have relevant teaching experience and are highly qualified
  • Hold polished interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to motivate and inspire through a student-centered methodology
<b>Yalda Ahmadvand</b>
Yalda AhmadvandFounder/Academic Director
Yalda began her ESL teaching career in 1998 and has been teaching TESOL, LINC, ESL, and English for Academic Purposes. She has a Master’s of Applied Linguistics and TESOL from the University of Leicester, England. Her special interest is Educational Technology. She is TESL Canada certified, Standard Three, and she was on the BCTEAL’s board of directors (THE ASSOCIATION OF B.C. TEACHERS OF ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE) for 2 years. Currently, she is one of the BCTEAL Charitable Foundation’s Directors, and she is the Founder and the Academic Director of DEA Education Center.


DEA is looking for professional certified ESL, Spanish, Chinese and Math teachers. Please send your Cover Letter and CV/Resume to: info@discoverenglish.ca

Our Affiliates


ATC – Advanced College of Languages and Training Canada

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2005, with branch offices and training locations abroad, ATC offers a wide range of quality in-class and online language and teacher training courses to Canadians and international students worldwide. ATC collaborates with various schools and organizations to promote education across the globe. ATC works closely with DEA Education Center to provide students with joint training programs, blended learning, and a variety of online courses. For more information, you can visit ATC at www.atcbc.com