International students


Full-time Program 30 hours – Weekly Fee
1-10 Weeks $385
11-23 Weeks $375
+24 Weeks $360
Part-time Program 15 hours – Weekly Fee
Monday – Thursday 1-4 $150
Monday – Friday 9-12 $200
Registration Fees Vancouver
Registration Fee $150
Registration Fee (High Season) $200
Junior Program Registration Fee:
Expand Fee applies to Junior Programs (Included in package pricing, where applicable)
Textbook & Materials: 1-11 weeks $80

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay provides a first-hand look at Canadian home life and the opportunity to practice your new language skills in a relaxed environment.

What to expect in a Homestay

  • 3 meals 7 days a week
  • Single or Twin Room Homestay
  • Sheets and towels changed once a week
  • The only speaker of your language in the home
  • Travel time to school: maximum 60 minutes by public transit

Homestay Program Fees (Prices for +18 Years Old Students)

Concept Fees (Weekly)
Homestay Placement Fee $265
28 days full board (3 meals) $995
$248 per week
$35 per day
28 days half board (2 meals) $895
$248 per week
$35 per day
Cost Per Night
(When study period equals less than 4 weeks)

Homestay Program Fees (Prices for -18 Years Old Students)

Concept Fees (Weekly)
28 days full board (3 meals) $1,200
Supervision and coordination will be charged apart each month
Custodianship Letter $550.00 (High school)
Any additional services including student assistance or administration matters $30
Late payment fee $100

Accommodation Fees (Weekly):

DEA Homestay Agreement

DEA Homestay Accommodation

DEA Homestay Application Form

Other Fees:

Type Price
Airport Pick-up $150
Airport Drop-off $100
Airport Pick-up and Drop-off $250